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Help with Relationship Issues

Relationship Counselling

A systems approach to relationship issues would invite individuals look at things differently than a more common individual approach.  People in relationship respond to each other in very automatic ways - some consciously, some not consciously.  Often the issue is in the interaction, in the relationship patterns. These mostly automatic responses (or reactions) to each other can become dysfunctional.    The relationship  patterns are influenced by outside stressors ( money, work, tiredness, etc ) and other important relationships ( kids, parents, siblings, bosses, friends).   Our goal is to help a person think about how they react in various situations: how aware are they of how they react to others and how others react to them.  What is driving that reactivity: how automatic is it vs. how thoughtful is it?   How much is a individual thinking for themselves vs. doing what they think others want in order to avoid conflict or to gain approval or appreciation?  Learning about one's relationship patterns and how to improve them is a skill that will last a lifetime.  It's worth the effort.

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